Brad Bowman

Known as the "father of stamped concrete" and founder of the Bomanite Company. During the 1950s, Bowman installed exposed aggregate concrete walls and slabs, and began experimenting with ways to add patterns to his work with a technique he called "ornamented concrete". The original cast-in-place, colored, textured and imprinted architectural concrete paving known as the Bomanite process, was born. 

Several California contractors used the Bomanite process in the 60's. The technique was deceptively simple in concept where the V-shaped blades of a metal stamping platform imprinted a defined pre-determined pattern into fresh concrete. 

In the 1970’s, Bomanite Corporation was formed and the licensee network began its rapid expansion throughout continental USA. As the Bomanite Brand began to grow and gather worldwide acclaim, the Licensee network expanded further afield. The first international Bomanite licensees were signed up during the 1980’s. Over the next 15 years, Bomanite continued to grow from strength to strength in the international arena and new Licensees from many countries all over the world were welcomed into the Bomanite family.

Due to the expansive growth and demands from the Bomanite Licensees, in 2009 two distinct divisions were created in the operation whereby all Licensees in the US and Canada would be handled by The Bomanite Company; and all other international Licensees, some having almost 40 years experience in the Bomanite Brand, would be managed by Bomanite International Limited.

Given the hands-on nature of our business, the technological advancements in the products and application techniques continue to be driven by the feedback and constant interaction with the Bomanite Licensees; ensuring that the Bomanite Brand stays at the forefront of decorative and stamped concrete technology.