Licensing Opportunities

Bomanite is the preferred option and solution for stamped and decorative concrete throughout the world. Licensees enjoy the following benefits:

* All licensees are invited to attend several free Online Technical Forums and various workshops throughout the year conducted by industry experts.

* Licensees also gain access to our exclusive Members Portal where they can network with other licensees to share information and exchange ideas. This team effort is what separates Bomanite International from other decorative concrete installers in the industry. 

* Specialist tailor-made training programs are also available to Bomanite Licensees where identified training needs are catered to either at the Licensees own premises or at a predetermined location.

* Manufacturing facilities in various locations around the world.

Currently, we have Licensing opportunities available in a number of countries where one of the following three License types might be offered to the successful applicant:

Full Manufacturing License Agreement

This provides an EXCLUSIVE license for an agreed territory wherein the Manufacturing Licensee will receive training and guidance as to how to setup manufacturing, QAQC, etc and also will receive assistance with respect to input into proposed initial business model and marketing strategy. Protected formulations are provided to the Licensee as part of this Agreement and technical assistance is supplied from our US based Technical Support team to localize the formulations to take advantage of cheaper locally available raw materials where possible. Marketing support is also available from Bomanite International Limited. The Manufacturing Partner also has the ability to develop their agreed Territory by issuing Master Licenses and/or Installer Licenses on their own behalf within the agreed geographic area of their Territory.

Master License Agreement

This provides the Licensee with an EXCLUSIVE territory but without the manufacturing element being included. The Master Licensee is tied to purchase Bomanite products from Bomanite Manufacturing Partners or, in special circumstances, from other Bomanite pre-approved sources. The Master Licensee will receive technical training and marketing support/ assistance from Bomanite (or from the controling Manufacturing Licensee) and is free to develop their agreed territory either by themselves or through issuance of NON Exclusive Installer Licenses on their own behalf.

Installer License Agreement

This Agreement provides the Licensee with a NON exclusive right to sell and install Bomanite products, usually in a defined area. The Installation Licensee is tied to purchase Bomanite products from a Bomanite Manufacturing Licensee, Bomanite Master Licensee or, in special circumstances, from other Bomanite pre-approved sources. Installation training is usually provided by either the controlling Bomanite Licensee or by Bomanite International Limited, depending upon who controls the issuance of the Installation License.


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