Imagine strength and versatility. The possibilities for creative expression with concrete are endless. Not only is concrete durable and strong, but it is the most versatile material available; it can be molded and shaped with great precision and delicacy. Imagine your personal style reflected in your countertop. Concrete can be made to complement any style of décor. Unlike traditional countertop materials, Bomanite concrete countertops can be colored, polished, stamped and stained. Objects can be embedded in it. The surface can be colored and textured to make it look of timeworn tile, evoking the feel of old world charm. It can be colored, smoothed and polished, giving the illusion of elegant, sensuous stone or hand-carved marble. Or, left without color, the countertop can be ground and polished, revealing its raw beauty to harmonize with natural materials like wood, stone, and brick. Imagine no longer. In kitchens, bathrooms or corporate boardrooms, custom concrete counter tops by Bomanite create a dramatic, customized environment.


Once considered a rough cold building material, concrete today is a desired material for countertops, furniture and decorative veneers.  Unlike traditional materials like stone or tile, concrete begins its life as a liquid that fills voids and negative space in intricate molds and forms.  This allows the skilled artisans to create shapes from concrete that are unobtainable with any other hard surface material.  Add color, texture and embedded materials like glass, stone or metal, and precast concrete becomes exceptionally strong, elegant, warm, and sophisticated - the centerpiece for any residence or business.

The Bomanite Precast System is a highly refined blend of architectural cements, polymers, and specialized aggregates.  When mixed with water, it becomes a versatile medium that is easy to work with and multi-functional.    Achieving exceptional strength with short curing times, the Bomanite Precast System is the perfect product for the discriminating consumer looking for a concrete countertop, table, furniture or decorative precast product.  Placed neatly, it achieves a clean, smooth and elegant finish that traditional concrete is not able to equal.  If customization and color is what you are after, the Bomanite Precast System is compatible with any of the Bomanite coloration systems and textures to achieve that one-of-a-kind look.  The surface can be colored and textured to give it the look of time worn tile, evoking the feel of old world charm. It can be colored, smoothed and polished, giving the illusion of elegant stone or honed marble. Or, left without color, the countertop can be ground and polished, revealing its raw beauty to harmonize with natural materials like wood, stone, and brick.

Chemical Stains

Considered one of the traditional decorative concrete finishes, stained concrete is recognized the world over for depth of color and timeless beauty.  From marbled earth tone hues to dazzling bright tints, concrete stains transform any concrete floor into a work of art.  Combined with the approved Bomanite sealer system, Bomanite Chemical stains have proven durability and endless design options that will stand the test of time. 

Reactive Stain

The natural variegated and marbled earth tone colors of reactive acid stains are timeless in their design.  Bomanite Reactive Stain is comprised of a proprietary mixture of natural mineral salts in water.  The free reaction between the mineral salts and the concrete create the classic marbled hues that have become synonymous with stained concrete.  Because each concrete surface is different, every stain project is a one-of-a-kind.  Bomanite Reactive Stains are an excellent choice for floors, entryways, walkways, walls, countertops, concrete rock work, and any other concrete surface where a rich naturally marbled color is desired. Bomanite Reactive Stains are light stable, and when protected with an approved Bomanite sealer they make a great choice for both interior and exterior projects.  With eight rich colors to select from, Bomanite Reactive Stain is the best choice for the discriminating designer, architect or owner.


Bright colors and soft tones are the hallmark of the Bomanite Con-Color stain system.  A proprietary blend of light stable pigments and lithium silicate, Bomanite Con-Color is a reactive penetrating stain that creates translucent color tones on properly prepared concrete.  The wide ranging color pallet is the designer’s dream.  Easy to apply, and when protected with an approved Bomanite sealer, floors treated with Bomanite Con-Color become a permanent work of art.  With over 20 standard colors to select from, and custom colors available, there is no stain project too big. 

Inlay Graphics

Inlay graphics are one of the newest product developments in the decorative concrete industry.  Bomanite Inlay Graphics are rigid rubber tools that are placed in the concrete during finishing.  The tool is left in place until the concrete has hardened.  Once removed, the results are a crisp and detailed impression in the concrete surface.  Different than a stamp or texture tool, Bomanite Inlay Graphics are used to highlight or accent concrete flatwork.  Often used as a border print or corner accent, Inlay Graphics have a highly refined level of detail that imprinting tools lack.  Bomanite Inlay Graphics work well on almost any concrete flatwork, but produce the most stunning results when used in conjunction with exposed aggregate, smooth integrally-colored, and light stone textured finishes.  Both standard and custom designs are available.  Bomanite Inlay Graphics are the latest in the long history of Bomanite products and systems.